Panoptes - Alarm Management Server

Fotech’s alarm management server, Panoptes, provides accurate and actionable alarms and displays them on a map to help you protect your assets. Using advanced AI technology, Panoptes differentiates between background noises and real threats to ensure you have the information you need to respond safely and effectively.

When acoustic events occur along a fibre optic cable, they are detected by Helios® DAS, which processes all the acoustic data received and applies its detection algorithms to identify and classify events (e.g. digging, climbing, and pipeline leaks).

Each event is instantly delivered to the Panoptes alarm management server. It evaluates all the events it receives, assesses the location, persistence, cadence, and movement of the event. With its advanced artificial intelligence, the Panoptes server determines if an event is a ‘threat’ to the integrity of an asset and when to raise the alarm.


Helios DAS  Helios Theta EDAM

Perimeter Security
This minimises false and nuisance alarms and ensures you only receive accurate information about genuine threats. Panoptes manages alarms using user-defined thresholds: Green, Orange, or Red level; giving you the ability to tailor alarms to what is important to you, in each zone and at specific times of day.

With bespoke commissioning that considers the type of asset, the threats and integrity issues faced, and the anticipated response time, Panoptes ensures that you have the right information to make a quick and proportionate response.

Perimeter Security

Key Benefits:

  • Accurate and actionable information on threats and integrity issues in real-time
  • Advanced alarm management minimises false alarms and background noise to ensure users are alerted to real threats only
  • Manage multiple Helios DAS monitoring units with a single Panoptes server
  • View and manage alarms along the full length of your asset from a single Map GUI
  • Multi-platform alarm support, allowing multiple users and third-party systems to be alerted to threats and equipped with actionable information for a quick and proportionate response

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Other Technology Products

Helios® Theta

Helios® Theta

Helios Theta harnesses cutting-edge photonics and advanced artificial intelligence to provide high resolution imaging and data acquisition continuously along the length of your fibre.

Helios Theta
Helios®  DAS

Helios® DAS

Fotech's Helios DAS technology taps into fibre optic cables running along infrastructure and assets for uninterrupted feedback on activities as they happen. 

Helios DAS


Enhanced Data and Acoustic Management (EDAM) is an advanced processing solution which may be added to Helios® DAS and Panoptes® for deeper acoustic insights.

DAS Technology

DAS Technology

A DAS interrogator from Fotech converts a standard communications single mode fibre into thousands of extremely sensitive acoustic and vibration sensors.

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