Helios® DAS

Helios® DAS - Fibre Enabled Monitoring and Asset Management

Make fast and well-informed decisions. Harness cutting-edge photonics, advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing to detect, classify and inform on a range of events and activities with confidence.  

With the Helios® DAS fibre enabled monitoring technology you can gain real-time visibility and enhanced intelligence on your assets, whether spanning small or great distances.


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Perimeter Security
The benefits of fibre-enabled asset monitoring with real-time information and continuous feedback.

How Helios® DAS works

The Helios Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) connected to one end of the fibre uses a laser to send thousands of short pulses of light along the fibre every second. A small proportion of the light travelling in a fibre is reflected back by the process known as Rayleigh Backscatter. Vibrations from the surrounding environment, will disturb the light in the fibre and will therefore be observed by the DAS interrogator. As the data is processed in real time, advanced algorithms can recognise the unique signatures of each type of event. The events that are of concern are reported to the alarm server.

The system can then show an operator the precise location of the threat, provide information about what event has taken place and give the operator the opportunity to make a timely and proportionate response. Fotech’s Helios DAS system includes a highly configurable sensor, which means that the laser pulse frequency, pulse width and many other parameters can be controlled enabling the system to be tuned to each customer’s specific requirements.

Perimeter Security
Perimeter Security

Uninterrupted, Real-Time Feedback

Helios DAS technology taps into fibre optic cables running along your infrastructure and assets, giving uninterrupted and real-time feedback on activities occurring near them. 

With Fotech’s innovative multi-range and dual-channel photonic technologies, you can:

  • Monitor your assets for less
  • Increase the protection of critical infrastructure with bi-directional sensing redundancy
  • Expand the coverage of your networks and assets with ease

Gain Real-Time Intelligence and Visibility of Assets

With Helios DAS’s advanced technology, filter out background noise and ‘non-threat’ activity, by adapting to detect for high-risk and low-risk zones and be confident in a platform optimised specifically for the monitoring of integrity and security activities on your assets.

Enhance your understanding of in-situ activities, gather intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your assets – receive the information you need to know in real-time and be altered to actual threats and integrity issues so you can respond fast.

Continuous and Dynamic Information

Helios® DAS converts a single optical fibre into the equivalent of tens of thousands of highly sensitive vibrational sensors. By connecting a standard single-mode telecommunication cable and pulsing light along the cable you can monitor and detect events caused by vibrational disturbances along an optical fibre up to 50km* long and up to 100km* with the Helios X3 dual-channel technology.

Helios DAS provides continuous and dynamic real-time information of events to help you improve visibility of your assets and the efficiency of your operations.

Used in a growing number of industries and applications, worldwide, Helios DAS can be used independently or supplemented by our auxiliary modules to provide enhanced capabilities from event alarm management and advanced processing to networked solutions.

* Sensing range is dependent on fibre quality, optical loss of fibre, local environment, and subject to detection stream requirements.


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Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Helios® DAS is simple to install during initial site development or retrospectively
  • Low deployment cost, it operates using a single fibre in a standard telecommunication grade optical cable
  • High resilience and availability with minimal maintenance and service costs
  • Operation requires no power along the fibre sensor
  • Fibre sensor immune to electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference
  • User friendly system configuration and alarm handling software that enables a high degree of tuning and simple integration with client management systems
  • Remote management by network connection

Delivering Unrivalled Visibility to Enhance Operations

Supports continuous monitoring along the full fibre length to:

  • Identify integrity events earlier for more effective management
  • Increase operational efficiency and enable cost savings
  • Provide detailed analysis to facilitate a more informed decision process

Helios® DAS Variants

Helios DAS is available in a range of models that are designed to meet your application whether monitoring over different ranges, or different configurations to provide the best-fit solution for your asset.

The latest Helios X3 and D3 Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) units provide substantial economic saving and valuable technical benefits when compared with a standard single channel, or MUX-switch systems. 

Helios X3 can monitor 2 fibres, each 40 km long and in certain conditions, this may be extended to 50 km, therefore providing a total coverage of 100 km. 


Other Technology Products

DAS Technology

DAS Technology

A DAS interrogator from Fotech converts a standard communications single mode fibre into thousands of extremely sensitive acoustic and vibration sensors.

Helios® Theta

Helios® Theta

Helios Theta harnesses cutting-edge photonics and advanced artificial intelligence to provide high resolution imaging and data acquisition continuously along the length of your fibre.

Helios Theta


Using advanced AI technology, Panoptes differentiates between background noises and real threats to ensure that you have the information you need to respond effectively.



Enhanced Data and Acoustic Management (EDAM) is an advanced processing solution which may be added to Helios® DAS and Panoptes® for deeper acoustic insights.




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