EDAM - Listen, Analyse and Evolve

Our Enhanced Data and Acoustic Management (EDAM) platform is an advanced processing solution which may be added to each Helios® DAS and Panoptes installation. With EDAM you can gain deeper insights and investigate historical trends of acoustic activity along your asset.

EDAM works with Fotech’s smart monitoring solutions and is an additional processor that will enhance your data management and detection capabilities by allowing you to record data along your network.

With EDAM, the user can automatically record targeted segments of data, and store, replay, and listen to that data. These data segments can be used to enhance and refine existing detection systems, or to create new detection parameters.


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Perimeter Security
EDAM allows you to explore your assets, enhance your understanding of activities as and where they happen, and gather intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your network.
Perimeter Security

Continuous Improvement

To know how to find something, you need to know what it looks like and how it behaves. Fotech’s event detection software, Helios, accurately classifies events based on the data is receives from Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) along the fibre. EDAM allows you to continually refine and improve the algorithms that make up your DAS monitoring solution. 

Machine Learning Example – Detecting Digging

Helios detects digging along an asset using the vibrations generated along the fibre. It must determine whether it is generated by a manual labourer, or a mechanical digger. If the signature sounds like a mechanical digger, then it is most likely a digger. Helios therefore classifies it accordingly.

Not all diggers sound the same though, because of factors such as design difference or the type of soil it is digging. However, with EDAM enabled, you can go back and review the sound data generated by the digger and give that information to Helios to use in the future, helping it learn new detection parameters for different kinds of diggers and soil conditions.

This is a practical example of Machine Learning.

A Human Touch

Sometimes a human brain is simply better than a computer at understanding complex sounds or visual information. With EDAM, the operator can listen to activity happening anywhere along the fibre network. Instantly listen to and view the sound field and spectral content of noises leading up to and causing an alarm. This allows the user to become involved in the interpretation of the data, enhancing AI with human brain power.

You can also manually create your own areas of interest on the fibre network. This gives you, the user, the ability to access acoustic information at points on your network that are important to you. You can access the data and listen to the fibre even if no alarm has been raised.

Perimeter Security
Perimeter Security

Key Features:

  • Listen to any activity along the fibre, even if no alarm has been raised at that point
  • Listen and view the soundfield and spectral content of the noise causing an alarm
  • Automatically capture DAS acoustic monitoring data for an AOI (area of interest)
  • Access audio and spectral content and soundfield information for up to 3 months after an event
  • Select any location on the fibre and listen to and view the soundfield and spectral content of the acoustic energy generated at that location


  • Facilitate a deeper investigation into an alarm and assist with interpretation of events
  • Apply machine learning to further improve the detection algorithms and write code for the detection of new kinds of threats

Other Technology Products

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Helios® Theta

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Helios Theta
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Helios® DAS

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Using advanced AI technology, Panoptes differentiates between background noises and real threats to ensure that you have the information you need to respond effectively.

DAS Technology

DAS Technology

A DAS interrogator from Fotech converts a standard communications single mode fibre into thousands of extremely sensitive acoustic and vibration sensors.

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