Road Monitoring

Road Monitoring

Smart Cities Road Traffic Monitoring

LiveDETECT's distributed acoustic sensing technology (DAS) delivers advanced transportation monitoring through the ability to observe vehicle movements continuously along their journey – an advantage over most types of sensor in use today which are point sensors or have a limited field of view.


Incidents can be located by detecting changes in the traffic flow and insights can be generated from the measurement of velocity and flowrate and health of infrastructure can be monitored by AI, collecting data and identifying threats from the background noise.



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Perimeter Security

Monitor and Improve the Efficiency of Transport Networks


  • Make fast and well-informed decisions with confidence
  • Monitor road traffic and public transport infrastructure
  • Determine the speed and density of traffic
  • Locate congestion
  • Detect traffic disruption events such as broken-down vehicles
  • Reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality


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Perimeter Security
With Fotech’s LiveDETECT® smart transport monitoring technology you can gain real-time visibility of the integrity and efficiency of your transport network by harnessing advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing to detect, classify and report on traffic and transport infrastructure with confidence.

Fotech’s Advanced Technology Allows Cities to:

  • Observe your transport network
  • Enhance your understanding of activities and trends
  • Drive improvements in efficiency and safety

Real-World, Real-Time Benefits

By combining state-of-the-art photonics , artificial intelligence systems and edge computing, DAS technology converts a fibre optic telecommunication cable network into an ecosystem of sophisticated ‘acoustic’ sensors. All traffic generates acoustic or seismic data as it passes over roads. Crucially, certain activities and incidents produce specific acoustic signatures.

Fotech’s DAS monitoring platform recognises and detects these signatures, enabling the physical monitoring of traffic flows in real time. This approach is not only a more efficient use of existing resources, it also gives city authorities a real-time view of their entire road network, enabling them to precisely monitor traffic and public transport flows - analysing the speed and density of traffic, predicting congestion, and identifying irregular disruptions like broken-down vehicles.

Automate Traffic Systems to Improve the Efficiency and Safety of Transport Networks

Access to such real-time intelligence opens significant new possibilities for transportation management, allowing for far higher degrees of automation in traffic systems.

For example, in the case of a broken-down vehicle blocking traffic, a DAS-enabled road network could be used to dynamically adapt traffic controls and redirect vehicles to balance overall flows and avoid crippling congestion.

Automated accident or collision alerts could also help direct emergency response teams more effectively. Ultimately these capabilities mean that cities can make far more efficient use of road networks for the benefit of all road users.

Perimeter Security

Smart Transport Monitoring Technology

Optimise your transport network with sensing technology that delivers the information you want to know, and monitors and reports on network issues in real-time allowing you to:

  • Improve traffic flows
  • Help improve road safety, reduce emissions, and increase air quality
  • Gain untapped insights to manage your road and transport networks better


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