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Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport

Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology converts thousands of kilometres of optical fibres already in place in our cities into millions of state-of-the-art acoustic and vibration sensors. This allows cities to send and receive information and simultaneously monitor city infrastructure, in real-time, at a much more detailed level, all while providing anonymity to its citizens.


More about DAS Technology

Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology converts thousands of kilometres of optical fibres already in place in our cities into millions of acoustic and vibration sensors. DAS converts cables into a network of state-of-the-art sensors. This allows cities to send and receive information with the benefit of providing anonymity to its citizens, but also to monitor city infrastructure continuously – in real-time and on a much more detailed level.

Smart Solutions For Today

Fotech’s DAS technology recognises and detects the acoustic and seismic signatures of footsteps, vehicles, trams, and trains so that mobility can be improved by shorting journey times and reducing emissions, leading to a better environment.

  • Trains can be accurately tracked in real time to provide information on arrival times.
  • Threats to infrastructure such as pipelines or power and communication cables can be detected early to prevent incidents
  • Structures can be monitored to ensure they maintain their integrity and safety

Transport Efficiency 


With Fotech's intelligent transport solutions authorities can:

  • Track patterns over time to the analyse usage and determine trends, including changes during different weather conditions or special events
  • Monitor and track mass transit such as light-rail transit (LRT) to inform what size trams are needed and give accurate arrival times


Roads and Traffic

  • Detect the average speed and flow rate of vehicles along roads to inform variable speed limits, signals, or redirection, and gather data on trends
  • Determine the most efficient routes during congestion and help emissions
  • Detect disruption from accidents, breakdowns, etc.
  • Monitor the road for defects, e.g. potholes, loose manhole covers


Road Traffic Monitoring



  • Continuously monitor the position of trains along the track, with the ability to increase density, and gather data on trends
  • Monitor the health of the track, rolling stock and other infrastructure


Rail Monitoring


The Future is Now

Cities all over the world are looking for smart technology solutions to problems such as:

  • Ensuring security and safety
  • Alleviating congestion
  • Reducing emissions
  • Locating leaking utility pipes

Many smart solutions are already in place – most of these are discrete, point sensors, often providing a partial view of the asset and usually not working together. 

Fotech’s DAS technology can provide continuous sensing of events along a full asset and integrate with these point sensors to complete the picture, all using fibre assets already in place, to provide the real-time insights cities need to become truly smart.

Perimeter Security

Track, Plan, Decide

DAS technology provides several benefits to transport networks and can provide value for money by fulfilling more than one purpose, aiding your decision making in-situ and in planning.

Track and Plan

With a DAS monitoring solution, look retrospectively at your network over time to track changes caused by weather, special events, time of day, etc. This can not only aid in planning the development of your own network but can also inform city planning decisions on the potential impact of works or diversions.

Immediate Decision Making

Make fast and well-informed decisions with confidence. DAS technology monitors your network in real time, allowing you to respond to situations as they happen. Advanced AI works to filter out background noise, alerting you to the changes that require a response, so that you can take appropriate action, e.g. changing signal timings or speed limits in the event of an accident.

Monitor Road Traffic and Public Transport Infrastructure. Be alerted to any problems in your infrastructure – such as potholes or broken rails – to fix immediately or plan repair.

Monitoring and Control

Gain real-time visibility into the integrity and efficiency of your entire network. Fotech’s powerful software enables you to confidently track events and activities along the entire length of a road or track to within metres. As a rail operator this gives you the potential to increase your capacity, because there is no gap in sensors. Monitor trains and traffic where others cannot – in tunnels and in areas subject to urban canyoning which affects GPS.

Harness DAS technology in a smart city to work alongside other technology, such as GPS, WIFI, cameras and other sensors, to track autonomous vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrian traffic.

Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Real-time information and accuracy to within a few metres means that you can track vehicles or incidents on your network with confidence
  • Advanced AI filters out background noise and ensures that you receive information on the events that are important to your network
  • Provides full and continuous coverage along the road or track with no gaps in sensors, and works in tunnels and is not subject to urban canyoning, ensuring coverage over your entire network
  • Rapid and cost-effective deployment, as rail networks and most urban roads already have fibre optic cables installed alongside, as well as low running costs


  • Adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones
  • Integrate with other or existing technologies, e.g. cameras, GPS, point sensors
  • Ability to review data over time, gathering intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your network
Perimeter Security
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