Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

A Smarter, Faster Way to Manage Perimeter Security

Using fibre optic cables, Fotech’s distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology can monitor perimeters of all sizes automatically, giving you an enhanced understanding of activities as they happen, and gather intelligence on events and patterns in and around your perimeter.

Efficiently deploy resources by detecting, locating, and preventing attempts to gain unauthorised access to your secure area.


Border Security 



Perimeter Security

Perimeter Applications

Fotech’s DAS technology can be applied to perimeters of all kinds such as:

  • Airports and sea ports
  • Civilian assets (e.g. homes, hotels, country clubs, business premises)
  • Military assets
  • Government assets
  • High-value assets (e.g. nuclear power plants, oil refineries)
  • Game or nature reserves


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Perimeter Security
Perimeter Security

Two-Sided Monitoring of a Corridor, or Right Of Way

Helios X3 and Helios D3 may also be configured to monitor two sides of a corridor, for example; a pipeline corridor, railway track, or road. In this instance, units may be placed back to back to look “up” and ”down” the length of the area, monitoring both sides. All sensors will be integrated and alarms will be displayed from one common Panoptes alarm server. 

A LiveDETECT DAS solution from Fotech allows users to save time and money by correctly identifying events and their locations, allowing the security response to be quickly and effectively deployed.

Perimeter Efficiency

Patrols of many secure areas, particularly those with perimeters of great length, are often random or follow a set pattern. Why send costly security teams to cover more ground than necessary, potentially missing critical events elsewhere along the perimeter? With a LiveDETECT DAS solution, users can track events and activities along a perimeter, instantaneously to within metres.

Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Continuous visibility of a border 24/7, 365 days a year – with no gaps in sensing
  • Accurate threat locations enabling users to target response and distribute personnel and resources only to where it is needed
  • Advanced AI technology delivering automated alerts on genuine border threats only
  • Simple to install and minimal maintenance over the lifetime of the solution, saving both time and money
  • High availability monitoring, across all terrains and in all environments, across a wide range of temperatures
  • Peace of mind knowing that perimeters are protected by a robust, reliable, and proven technology


  • Ability to integrate with other security systems, i.e. cameras, installed along the perimeter, UAV deployment, etc.
  • Adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones
  • Modular design delivers a simple and flexible solution to fit any asset architecture and to adapt to an expanding network
  • Continuous monitoring of up to 100km of fibre cable from a single module, using dual-channel technology
  • Dual loop configuration provides ongoing monitoring after a cable is cut
  • Ability to review data over time, gathering intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your perimeters
  • Perimeter fibre immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RMI) and is intrinsically safe
Perimeter Security