Fibre Optic Sensing Technology

Fotech’s LiveDETECT® solution uses distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology to process vast quantities of data on events as they happen. The system extracts the actionable information and raises an alert instantaneously, allowing users the opportunity to respond quickly to intervene and stop illegal activity or prevent an incident; saving money, increasing security, and preserving your company’s reputation.

With a LiveDETECT system, users have peace of mind that borders and perimeters are monitored and protected 24 hours per day, every day.  


Perimeter Security 


Border Security  

Perimeter Security

Industry-Leading Technology and Services

LiveDETECT®II delivers a fully integrated and networked sensing solution based on the world’s most advanced fibre optic Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS).

Fotech challenges the standards for infrastructure and security monitoring, helping customers solve business-critical issues, even in harsh, densely populated, and remote locations:

  • Detect, locate, and prevent attempts to breach a fence, or wall
  • Detect, locate, and deter illegal border crossing
  • Detect, locate, and target unwanted Third-Party Interference (TPI) around borders and perimeters, including tunnelling activities
  • Integrate with other security technologies, such as UAVs and cameras
  • Protect against accidental damage


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Perimeter Security
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are recognised across the globe as a proven technology for the protection of secure areas. With thousands of kilometres of perimeters and borders already being protected by Fotech’s solutions every day, users can rest assured that their areas are protected by a robust, reliable, and proven technology.

Secure Area Protection

LiveDETECT® helps you monitor and protect secure areas against damage, illegal incursion, and theft, and provides early warning when equipment, such as cables, starts to malfunction.


LiveDETECT® II - A Modular Asset Integrity Monitoring System

The LiveDETECT II modular system allows for a swift installation and the opportunity for future expansion as your perimeter, protected border or asset network grows.

Modules are fully integrated and networked solutions, built and tested by Fotech, ready for rapid onsite deployment. The modules can be configured with multiple Helios® DAS units and Panoptes alarm handling servers to facilitate the continuous monitoring of multiple sections of an asset.

The LiveDETECT II modular system allows for a swift installation and the opportunity for future expansion as your needs change and grow.

By using a combination of modules to build your overall solution, we can tailor-make your linear asset management system to suit your needs. The three principle modules that are used to build your unique solution are:

The Monitoring & Sensing Module:

One, or more Helios® DAS and a Panoptes alarm management server, co-located in a rack.


The Sensing Module:

Allows the solution’s sensing range to be readily expanded along the length of the asset with multiple Helios DAS networked together.


The Monitoring Module:

Contains a Panoptes Alarm Management Server, which may be located away from the asset, for example at an operator’s central security monitoring facility.



Perimeter Security

Seamlessly Complement Existing Monitoring Systems

LiveDETECT® can be integrated with other sensors, such as CCTV, thermal cameras, or infrared sensors for complete protection of an asset.

For the most effective response to a threat to an asset, LiveDETECT can be integrated with a UAV (drone) system, such that when a threat is detected a UAV can be automatically launched and fly to a location to identify further details about the threat, let intruders know they have been detected, warn them away or follow them.

With algorithms optimised for perimeter security LiveDETECT can be further used to provide the location of disturbances on fences, walls, and borders around key assets.

LiveDETECT®II system solution brings the added capability of Helios DAS X3, our dual-channel technology that provides:

  • Long range systems (up to 100km*) for use along, for example borders
  • Perimeter Loops, dual channel configuration for a perimeter security application delivering fibre break redundancy
  • Corridor configuration monitors both sides of an asset corridor with parallel fibres, enhancing detection information (e.g. travel direction for borders) and providing fibre redundancy

*100km of fibre optic cable with a one-way optical loss of up to 12.5dB. Range is dependent upon quality of fibre, local environment, and the specific detection streams required.