Border Security

Border Security

A Smarter, Faster Way to Manage Border Surveillance

Using fibre optic cables that are often hidden from view, Fotech’s distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology monitors international borders automatically, giving users an enhanced understanding of activities as they happen, and gather intelligence on events and patterns in and around borders all around the world.


With DAS, you can detect, locate, and prevent unauthorised border crossings or interference.



Perimeter Security 




Perimeter Security

Smart Borders Without Limits

Fotech’s LiveDETECT border surveillance technology can be applied to borders of all kinds:

Open Borders: Detect movement in the vicinity of the border using buried fibre optic cables - on one side or in a parallel configuration for enhanced detection information, such as crossing direction

Fenced Borders: With fibre optic cables installed along a fence detect attempts to climb, dig beneath or tamper with the fence

Integrated Fenced and Buried Cables: Maintain continuous surveillance along your border no matter the configuration, or with parallel fibres monitor soft and hard border zones for enhanced visibility of border activities


Perimeter Security
Save time and money with a DAS solution from Fotech, by directing your security response to the areas that need it most. Detect, locate, and prevent unauthorised border crossings or interference.

Seamlessly Complement Existing Monitoring Systems

LiveDETECT® can be integrated with other sensors, such as CCTV, thermal cameras, or infrared sensors for complete protection of borders.

For the most effective response to a threat to a border, LiveDETECT can be integrated with a UAV (drone) system, such that when a threat is detected a UAV can be automatically launched and fly to location to identify further details about the threat, let intruders know they have been detected, warn them away or follow them.

With algorithms optimised for border security LiveDETECT can be further used to provide the location of disturbances on fences, walls, and areas around key assets.

Border Efficiency

Why send costly security teams to cover more ground than necessary or spend time investigating false alarms, potentially missing critical events along the border? Fotech’s powerful software allows users to confidently track events and activities along a border to within metres and in real-time. Meanwhile, advanced AI is working to minimise false and nuisance alarms, ensuring that only information about the activities that matter is reported.

Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Continuous visibility of a border 24/7, 365 days a year – with no gaps in sensing
  • Accurate threat locations enabling users to target responses and patrols and allocate resources only to where they are needed
  • Advanced AI technology delivering automated alerts on genuine border threats only
  • Simple to install and minimal maintenance to run, saving both time and money
  • High availability monitoring, across all terrains and in all environments, across a wide range of temperatures
  • Peace of mind knowing that a border is protected by a robust, reliable, and proven technology


  • Ability to integrate with other security systems, e.g. cameras, UAV’s - installed along the border
  • Adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones
  • Modular design delivers a simple and flexible solution to fit any border architecture and to adapt to an expanding network
  • Continuous monitoring of up to 100 km of fibre cable from a single module, using dual-channel technology
  • Ability to review border event data over time, gathering intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your border
  • Border fibre immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) and is intrinsically safe


Perimeter Security