Onshore Cables

Onshore Cables

Infrastructure Cable Monitoring - Onshore

In the 21st Century, we increasingly depend on a connected world. This is especially true for the power and communications cables we now so heavily rely on, which are vulnerable to both accidental and malicious damage, as well as electrical and mechanical failures.

These interruptions leave customers disappointed and are costly to operators.


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Perimeter Security

Confidently Monitor Your Cable Network

Using fibre optic cables, Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology can monitor the health of cables automatically, giving you an enhanced understanding of activities as they happen, and gathering intelligence on events around or involving your cables.


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Perimeter Security
Detect, locate, and target the risks to your onshore cable network.

The Fibre is the Sensor

Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology converts an optical fibre into a state-of-the-art sensor that can detect vibrations along the length of a cable. Events, including third party interference – such as digging or lifting an access cover – or mechanical failure at a substation, all generate vibrations with distinct acoustic characteristics. Fotech’s DAS solution monitors these vibrations, which are analysed by cutting-edge software to provide continuous and accurate real-time information along your cables, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to alert you to potential risks to your cable or inform maintenance needs.

Cable Network Applications

Cable Integrity:

  • Detect and locate cable arcing and break down at the earliest possible stage
  • Threat detection – accidental or malicious
  • Detect the risk of accidental damage to your cables, e.g. from works crews digging in the vicinity, and take action to avoid damage
  • Detect and prevent malicious activity, e.g. copper theft, attempts at interference
  • Early warning to re-route power, or communications through a different part of the network

Substation Monitoring:

  • Monitor equipment to ensure it is working properly and quickly identify any electrical, or mechanical problems
  • Ensure synchronisation of three-phase switches

Ensuring Uptime Onshore Cables

Cable downtime is costly but monitoring thousands of kilometres of cable is challenging. DAS allows you to confidently monitor your cables in real time and detect risks to within a few metres. Fotech’s powerful software and advanced AI filter out the background noise and ensure that you are alerted to the events along the cable that matter.

A DAS solution allows you to prevent costly downtime with the ability to prevent or quickly repair damage to your cables. 


More on DAS technology

Perimeter Security

Case Study: $300 Million For 3 Milliseconds

In a 2014, Spread Networks spent $300 million drilling new tunnels to make a more direct route for fibre optic cable from Chicago to New York City, saving 3 milliseconds on the communication speed between the two cities. At $100 million per millisecond, it sounds expensive, but is worth millions of dollars to high frequency traders who will have an advantage over competitors with slower communications.

Being so valuable to its thousands of clients, the network must be monitored continuously, and all parts of the network are driven daily to guarantee reliability and proactively fix issues. A DAS solution on such a route would guarantee reliability by identifying potential risks to the cable and facilitating the coordination of security teams.


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Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Be alerted to risks to your cables in real time, allowing you to prevent damage or quickly plan repairs, and reroute services if necessary
  • Advanced AI technology and accuracy to within a few metres means that you can deploy resources to where they are needed
  • Provides full and continuous coverage along the cable with no gaps in sensors
  • Rapid start-up time with low maintenance costs


  • Ability to integrate with other technology, e.g. security cameras
  • Adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones
  • Ability to review data over time, gathering intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your network
Perimeter Security