Offshore Cables

Offshore Cables

Infrastructure Cable Management Offshore

As the demand for green energy continues to grow, offshore energy operators have an expanding network of subsea power cables to monitor and maintain.

With cable outages disappointing customers and costing operators a great deal of time and money, preventing cable failures, and quickly identifying and planning for the repair of damage is vital.


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Monitor Subsea Cables In Real Time

With Fotech’s smart cable monitoring solution, you can monitor your subsea cables in real-time and effectively target repair operations and pre-emptive maintenance.

Using optical fibres with the cables, you can monitor subsea cables automatically, 24/7, giving you enhanced and continuous visibility of integrity issues across your subsea cable network.


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Perimeter Security
Detect, locate, and target the risks to your subsea cable network.

The Fibre is the Sensor

Fotech’s Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology converts one of the optical fibres already present in most offshore cables into a state-of-the-art sensor which can detect vibrations along its length. Events such as cable motion in the water, insulation breakdown, and anchor strikes all generate strains, or vibrations with distinct characteristics. Fotech’s smart cable monitoring solution monitors these strains or vibrations. Each is analysed by cutting-edge software to provide continuous and accurate real-time information along your cables. And by using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically monitors the cable, filtering out complex background noise, to deliver alerts on risks to your cable and inform maintenance needs.

Smart Cables

Fotech’s smart cable monitoring solution delivers key monitoring applications:

Cable Exposure:

Identify the vibrations and strain in the cable associated with loss of burial, allowing reburial of the cable before damage occurs

Cable Arcing:

Identify insulation breakdown by detecting the initial impulse and subsequent shock waves travelling along the cable, and plan repair

Cable Strikes:

Detect activities such as anchor strikes / drag and trawlers in the vicinity, cross-referencing with ship location data to alert the vessels and avoid further damage. Identify any damage caused by strikes, take steps to repair, and potentially seek compensation from responsible parties

Cable Maintenance:

Identify problems that periodic inspection may miss. Direct remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) or divers with precision to targeted areas

Subsea Efficiency

Cable downtime is costly but finding the areas of risk or damage over many kilometres of cable is a challenge. Fotech’s smart cable monitoring solution allows you to confidently monitor your cables in real time and detect potential problem areas to within a few metres.

Fotech’s powerful software and advanced AI technology filters out the background noise and ensures that you are alerted to the events along the cable that matter.

Maintaining cables is itself a complicated and costly project. Due to the changing nature of the subsea environment, periodic ROV passes or bathometric surveys can miss potential problems. DAS’s continuous monitoring can give you an early warning to these problems, allowing you to target your maintenance programme and reduce costs.


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Perimeter Security
Fotech’s DAS technology will enable you to prevent costly downtime with the ability to prevent or quickly repair damage to your cables.
Perimeter Security

Key Benefits

  • Continuous visibility of your cables 24/7, 365 days a year – no gaps in sensing.
  • Accurate alerts on risks to your cables in real time, enabling you to prevent damage or quickly plan repairs.
  • Advanced AI technology delivering automated alerts on integrity issues to within a few metres.
  • Simple to install and low maintenance to run, saving both time and money.
  • Be confident knowing your cables are monitored by a robust, reliable, and proven technology.


  • Monitoring often achieved with a land-based system
  • Ability to review data over time, gathering intelligence on long term trends and the overall risk profile
Perimeter Security