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Over the last few years Distributed Acoustic Sensing has established itself as a key component of any modern pipeline monitoring system.However, the demonstrability of leak detection has been less documented. As part of the proceedings of the 2019 14th Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC2019), Dr Peter Hayward presents his research on the use of Fotech’s state-of-the-art DAS technology to identify the  dynamics associated with ground heave, in the event of low leak rate.


Technical Paper Abstract

Use of optical fibre distributed sensing technologies is increasing in the field of pipeline monitoring, providing measurements for a variety of structural and operational metrics, including temperature, strain, vibration, and acoustics.

Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), has primarily been utilised for the purpose of security monitoring. Specifically when considerate of utilising optical fibre cables that traverse parallel and in the near vicinity of buried pipelines, with systems commissioned to identify threat based environmental activities.

Recently DAS developers have been commissioning systems for the purpose of leak detection monitoring. Demonstrating the technology responds positively to stimulus associated with leaks. Specifically dynamics associated with orifice noise, pressure wave propagation, and thermal variations. This paper presents review of such capability.


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