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A smarter faster way for perimeter security management and to efficiently deploy resources.

Using fibre optic cables, Fotech’s DAS technology can monitor perimeters of all sizes automatically, giving you an enhanced understanding of in-situ activities, and gather intelligence on events and patterns in and around your asset. Detect, locate and prevent attempts to gain unauthorised access.

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Perimeter applications

DAS technology can be applied to perimeters of all kinds such as:

  • Airports
  • Civilian assets (e.g. homes, hotels, country clubs, business premises)
  • Military assets
  • Sea ports
  • Government assets
  • High-value assets (e.g. nuclear power plants, oil refineries)
  • Game or nature reserves

Perimeter efficiency

Patrols of many assets, particularly those with perimeters of great length, are often random or follow a set pattern. Why send costly security teams to cover more ground than necessary, potentially missing critical events elsewhere along the perimeter? With a DAS solution, you can confidently track events and activities along your perimeter in real time to within metres.
A DAS solution from Fotech allows you to save both time and money by directing your security response to the areas that need it. Detect, locate and prevent attempts to gain unauthorised access to your asset.

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