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A smarter, faster way to manage and reduce the risks on your cable network

Make fast and well-informed decisions with confidence. Prevent criminal activity, malicious attacks or accidental damage. Detect and locate cable arcing and break down events at the earliest possible stage.  With the LiveDETECT® cable management platform you can gain real-time visibility of the integrity and security of your entire cable network. 

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The benefits of automated cable integrity management

The LiveDETECT platform harnesses advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing to detect, classify and alarm on security and integrity events with confidence. Filtering out background noise and ‘non-threat’ activity –  adapting its response for high-risk and low-risk zones – LiveDETECT delivers the most advanced cable integrity management platform. 

With LiveDETECT’s advanced Panoptes, EDAM and HWI suites, explore your cable network, enhance your understanding of in-situ activities, and gather intelligence on prolonged or historical events across your network. 

A cable management platform optimised to protect your cable network

Whether protecting against copper cable theft, data interception, subsea anchor drag, or locating cable fatigue and break down – optimise your network with a management platform that delivers the information you want to know, and only reports on integrity issues and actual threats to your cable infrastructure.  

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