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A smarter, faster way to manage and reduce the risks on your pipeline

The LivePIPE platform harnesses cutting edge photonics, advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing to detect, classify and alarm on security and integrity events with confidence.  Prevent criminal activity, malicious attacks or accidental damage. Detect and locate leaks at the earliest possible stage. Track and monitor your PIGS during maintenance activities.

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Gain real-time visibility of the integrity and security of your entire pipeline network

The LivePIPE platform taps into the fibre optic network running along your pipelines – giving uninterrupted and real-time feedback of activities occurring and along and around your pipeline.  With Fotech’s cutting edge dual-channel photonic technology, monitor more of your network with less –expand the protection of your pipeline with ease– and be confident with a  pipeline management platform proven with customers around the globe.

The world’s most reliable pipeline integrity and security management platform

With LivePIPE’s advanced Panoptes, EDAM, and HWI suites, filter out background noise and ‘non-threat’ activity – adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones or to accommodate shift patterns and authorised activity areas – explore your entire pipeline network, enhance your understanding of in-situ activities, and gather intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your network.
Optimise your network with LivePIPE and receive the information you want to know in real-time – and be altered to actual threats so you can respond fast.

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