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Optimise your operations with unrivalled performance and imaging

Make fast and well-informed decisions with confidence. Benefit from high resolution information on your assets and infrastructure. With the Helios® Theta phase-coherent platform you can gain real-time visibility and enhanced intelligence on your assets.

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The benefits of fibre-enabled asset management with real-time information and continuous feedback

The Helios Theta platform harnesses cutting edge photonics and advanced artificial intelligence to provide high resolution imaging and data acquisition – in both low energy (micro seismic, leak detection) and high energy (asset tracking) environments – continuously along the length of your fibre -delivering the most advanced phase-coherent monitoring and integrity management solution.

With the Helios Theta platform’s advanced HWI, EDAM and Panoptes suites, enhance your understanding of your assets, gather intelligence on localised activities or historical events, and optimise your operational processes, from upstream reservoir management, to faulty bearing detection and traffic congestion applications.

Driving businesses forward with smart data and versatile asset management

The Helios Theta platform delivers enhanced performance for optimising upstream operations and reservoir management – But any user seeking high-resolution imaging and the acquisition of phase-coherent data – or the dynamic ability to switch between both phase and intensity based monitoring as they adapt to evolving operating conditions or changing applications will benefit from the versatility of the Helios Theta platform. Gathering intelligence on your assets has never been more straightforward.

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