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Enhancing downhole performance and imaging capabilities with greater sensitivity and range

The Helios Quasar solution brings Fotech’s unrivalled phase-coherent DAS technology together with enhanced backscatter fibres to deliver the best possible sensitivity, resolution and signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) for monitoring applications in both the downhole upstream and mining markets.

Gathering intelligence on your assets has never been more straightforward.

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Gain real-time intelligence and visibility of your operations

Using cutting edge photonics and advanced AI systems, Helios Quasar delivers unrivalled performance and imaging – providing dynamic real-time information to operatives in a variety of industries.

Optimised for upstream operations, the Helios Quasar solution delivers enhanced performance for in-well monitoring and reservoir management – with high quality seismic imaging delivered at greater well depths, and the acquisition of finer-grain data for fluid and sand production.

Cutting edge photonics delivering unrivalled performance and imaging

Enhanced sensitivity and improved SNR allow you to acquire even more meaningful seismic and microseismic data, in deeper and horizontal wells, or if a smaller energy source must be used.

The ability to extend range using Helios Quasar is one of the key benefits of the enhancements – the enhanced sensitivity and improved resolution helping to improve production monitoring performance and the identification of well integrity issues.


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