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New Helios DAS X4 System

Taking Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) to the Next Level: the New Helios DAS X4 System

By Stuart Large, Product Line and Business Development Director


We know what our customers need; the ability to monitor the integrity and security of their assets and infrastructure with full visibility and enhanced intelligence, so they can make fast and well-informed decisions. And thanks to our fibre optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology, we deliver that. But we strive continuously to make things even easier for our customers. That’s where the latest update of our Helios DAS system – our new Helios DAS X4 – comes in.


Cutting-Edge Fibre Optic Sensing

Building on the advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing capabilities already harnessed by our pioneering technology, Helios DAS X4 is able to detect and classify threats to a perimeter, cable or pipeline asset, even in challenging and remote locations.

This cutting-edge acoustic fibre monitoring platform enables uninterrupted, real-time feedback on activities occurring on, or near to, infrastructure, giving operators the ability to deal with any incidents quickly.


Find out about how DAS works


Improving Excellence: Fotech’s Most Advanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor

Helios DAS X4 improves on its predecessor in a number of key areas. This advanced system is able to operate at temperatures up to 50°C, without the need for external cooling fans, making it ideal for extreme conditions. And its dual-channel specification allows a range of up to 100km with a suitable fibre, meaning that highly-sensitive continuous acoustic fibre monitoring can be carried out for long distances, even in the most inhospitable environments.

The ability of Helios DAS X4 to better perform in extreme remote sites is further enhanced by its lower power requirements – it now runs its dual-channel optics and processing on only 165W.


New Features for Fast, Real-time Fibre Optic Monitoring

As well as improvements, Fotech’s Helios DAS X4 also introduces some exciting new features we know will be well-received by our customers. These include scalable processors, tailored to the requirements of individual installations, quick-access menus and increased screen space for viewing the sound field and waterfall. It also boasts enhanced system health reporting and diagnostics, and improved streaming, logging and playback functions.


A Small Yet Mighty Asset Monitoring Solution

This enhanced technology comes in a conveniently compact form, too. Weighing in at only 13kg, it takes up less rack space than previous systems, packing the optics and processor into a height of only 2U, saving precious space in a control room. The lighter weight makes it possible for one person to lift and to transport, too. Now a single box solution, Helios DAS X4 is also easier to install than the previous two-box solutions, thanks to a reduction in the associated cabling.

Together with the latest version of Helios Web Interface (HWI), Helios DAS X4 offers the best user experience to date. We know this is the best-in-class solution for any organisation needing remote continuous asset monitoring, from oil and gas pipelines, through to border protection agencies.


For more information, download the new Helios DAS X4 datasheet 

















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