Securing Visibility and Certainty in a Changing World

At Fotech, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and reliability to solve business-critical challenges.

We achieve this through developing and deploying pioneering fibre optic monitoring technology, that allows customers to assess the activity along an asset and make informed decisions about their response strategy.



Perimeter Security

Technology Solutions for our Collective Future

Fotech combines talent from the energy and high-tech computing sectors with cutting-edge photonics to deliver world-leading asset management solutions.

As a provider of choice for customers around the world – our fibre enabled asset management platforms provide a suite of dynamic and adaptable solutions for a diverse range of applications. We take pride in the partnerships we share with customers – optimising their operations and helping them gain extra value by enabling custom App development with our platforms.


Solutions  Technology

Our Products and Solutions

Our diverse and highly adaptable platform technologies continue to successfully deliver invaluable insights and value to customers around the world.

Innovation and excellence are at the core of Fotech – we continuously push the boundaries to ensure that you have the information you need to make faster – better decisions.

From smart traffic management and high-value asset protection – we work closely with our customers to solve their specific challenges.

Our Ways of Working

Pioneer: We are brave & creative. We explore ways to innovate and take our products to the next level. We don’t just look to the horizon; our ambition takes us beyond it.

Adapt: We adapt to the changing world around us. We take the time to listen to different stakeholders’ perspectives and ensure we are constantly learning as we strive to deliver the best solutions.

Challenge: We challenge each other through authentic, honest & transparent conversations. By constructively challenging, we hold each other accountable and can ask more from each other. We learn from the past and aren’t discouraged by failure. 

Empower: We provide an environment that inspires everyone to achieve their goals. Everybody should feel confident, fearless, and supported whether they are working towards achieving their personal goals or collaborating to help others achieve theirs. 

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