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As part of our Meet The Team feature, we’ve been sharing with you interviews with the people behind Fotech and letting you know the inside track on the roles they perform in our organisation.  This week we caught up with Rhiannon to find out more about her role.

What is your current role in Fotech?

I work as an Account Manager for Fotech, I’m also a Scrum Master which means I facilitate the Scrum framework and help the company to use agile processes.

How long have you worked for Fotech?

For 1 year 4 months.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

I genuinely believe in our product, the people I work with are all focused, ambitious and down to earth.

Fotech is developing new and exciting technology all the time – How do you see Fotech’s world-class technology playing a part in daily life in the future?

With the development of smart cities, machine learning and remote working, Fotech’s technology has the capacity to play a huge role in the development of this and I believe we will continue to be the leading DAS experts, especially as we grow.

If you could share a fact about Fotech, that people may not be aware of, what would it be?

Everyone in the company manages to be completely professional, but also supportive and we are all friends.

What has been your standout experience in your current role?

It is a very transparent company. I have particularly enjoyed speaking and spending time in each department, learning what they do, seeing our product being built, in action, being deployed and spending time with customers and even seeing installations.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the (department) team?

Sales are on the frontline of upcoming projects, company forecasts and projected growth, and it is very exciting and motivating to see where we are aiming to be in the future!