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As 2018 draws to a close we can reflect on what has been a great year for Fotech. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation with DAS technology has seen us significantly expand its cutting-edge capabilities, fast unlocking advances in a host of asset management applications.

One of the key advancements has been in the field of smart transport management. There is enormous potential for our DAS solutions to enable city authorities to improve traffic flows and gain new insights to manage road and transport networks better.

Earlier this year we partnered with the city of Calgary, augmenting its fibre networks to monitor a range of road activities, including a world-first trial using DAS to enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles – the trial successfully proving that DAS can track an AV consistently and reliably while highlighting groups of people close to the fibre. This technology will be crucial to maximising the efficiency of our cities in future — keeping traffic flowing, and citizens and commuters moving with ease.

In another world first, we also successfully completed real-world testing of DAS as a leak detection tool for use on pipelines. In these tests, our Helios DAS technology demonstrated considerable value as a pipeline leak detection solution, with key benefits when compared to conventional solutions.

Over the course of a week, the Helios DAS technology confidently identified the onset of 45 individual leak simulation events, with zero false positives. This testing is a huge breakthrough for pipeline operators everywhere — opening up the potential to minimise the incidence and severity of leaks in the future.

We have also expanded the capabilities of our DAS as a security solution, enabling the modernisation of national border security. Fotech’s DAS security solution can cover borders of any distance, creating a ‘smart barrier’, relaying data, detecting disturbances and providing alerts across its entire length. For border authorities, the result is continuous, round-the-clock monitoring that allows for greater levels of detection and smoother direction of responses in real-time.

These achievements have made 2018 a super year for Fotech and DAS technology.
A year of firsts! 
As always, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and look forward to the adventures of 2019.