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A smarter, faster way to manage and reduce the risks on your rail network

The Helios DAS technology platform provides a full suite of capabilities for operators and system integrators within the railway industry – including broken rail and flat wheel detection, train tracking and comprehensive trackside security and protection. 

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The benefits of rail integrity monitoring and management  

Track trains along complete railway sections in real-time – gather reliable information on train speed and for encounter prevention – be altered to trains operating outside expected parameters or anomalous activities along the track. Pinpoint flat wheels and rail defects as well as monitoring the status of generators and trackside machines. Detect intruding personnel – identify landslide and rockfall event – alert on-route trains to prevent incident.  

Maximise the efficiency of railway operations

Jointly, Fotech and its rail partner Frauscher Sensor Technology are decisively pushing the research and development of Helios DAS applications within the railway industry. Frauscher is a global expert in railway signaling, and with Helios DAS continues to lead innovation in this industry.

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