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Discover new insights and optimise your operations with fibre enabled monitoring and asset management

Make fast and well-informed decisions. Harness cutting edge photonics, advanced artificial intelligence and edge computing to detect, classify and inform on range of events and activities with confidence.  With the Helios® DAS fibre enabled monitoring platform you can gain real-time visibility and enhanced intelligence on your assets, whether spanning small or great distances.

The benefits of fibre-enabled asset management with real-time information and continuous feedback

The Helios DAS platform taps into fibre optic cables running along your infrastructure and assets – giving uninterrupted and real-time feedback on activities occurring along and around them.  With Fotech’s cutting edge multi-range and dual-channel photonic technologies, monitor your assets for less –increase the protection of critical infrastructure with bi-directional sensing redundancy – and expand the coverage of your networks and assets with ease.

Gain real-time intelligence and  visibility of your assets

With the Helios DAS’s advanced Panoptes, EDAM, and HWI suites, filter out background noise and ‘non-threat’ activity – adapt detection for high-risk and low-risk zones and be confident in a platform optimised specifically for the monitoring of integrity and security activities on your assets.
Enhance your understanding of in-situ activities, gather intelligence on prolonged or historical events on your assets – receive the information you need to know in real-time and be altered to actual threats and integrity issues so you can respond fast.

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