Protect your Pipeline with LivePIPE®

Harness the power of fibre optics


Pipeline Intrustion (PIDS) and Leak Detection (LDS) monitoring with Fotech's LivePIPE 

  • Monitor more than 80km of asset continuously from a single LivePIPE Station
  • 1,000's of km of pipeline and other linear assets already being monitored across the world
  • No power required along the pipeline
  • Buried fiber is virtually undetectable and passive
  • Operates on legacy and new standard optical communications fiber
  • Locate events to within a few metres
  • Third Party Intrusion (TPI), Leaks, Pig Tracking, Earthquake Activity

About LivePIPE®

Fotech’s LivePIPE solution is a major value-add for pipeline operators, enabling them to significantly enhance the range and capabilities of existing pipeline security and monitoring systems. LivePIPE can effectively help prevent  malicious attacks and accidental damage to pipelines anywhere in the world.

The LivePIPE system connects directly into an operator’s fibre optic network, converting a standard optical fibre into tens of thousands of individual highly-sensitive vibrational sensors. This enables LivePIPE to identify and locate disturbances and potential threats where sound and vibrations disturb the casing of the fibre.

When fully integrated and networked with existing fibre networks, LivePIPE delivers a monitoring system that can span a limitless distance. This means LivePIPE gives operators continuous visibility of what is happening along the entire length of a pipeline so they can make fast and informed decisions in real-time.

Fotech’s LivePIPE solution enables operators to anticipate and pinpoint potential incidents with far greater accuracy and reliability than ever before - while simultaneously easing the workload on security operatives by pulling all of the information into a single intuitive display.

By using a non-linear scoring system to identify and classify threats, LivePIPE has been configured to emphasise only events operators want to know about, ensuring threats are not ignored or missed whilst, crucially, minimising false alarms.

There are significant volumes of incidents on pipelines all over the world and Fotech’s LivePIPE solution is a powerful new ally for operators to combat malign and accidental threats to ensure smoother and safer operation of their infrastructure.