Fotech Solutions, the linear asset monitoring technology specialists, will be exhibiting at Shale World UK 2015 (15th-16th April, Birmingham, UK). Fotech will be demonstrating how its Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) can deliver significant safety and efficiency enhancements for shale gas producers throughout the full lifecycle of wells.

While shale gas production is still in its infancy in the UK, Fotech can already offer a full suite of DAS technology to assist producers with both frac optimisation during exploration and extraction, as well as long term well integrity assurance for continuous monitoring of wells after production has ceased. At the show Fotech will showcase how its Helios DAS system delivers these benefits by giving engineers the ability to record downhole activity and monitor what is happening in real time.

Fotech will also be sharing its insights into how DAS can enhance the full lifecycle of shale gas wells as part of the technical programme at the conference. Fotech will be hosting a seminar entitled: “Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Real-time intelligence for downhole operations and well integrity assurance for the lifecycle of a well” at the On Floor Seminar Theatre at 1:50pm on the opening day of the show.

Chris Shannon, CEO Fotech Solutions, commented: “Although the debate around shale gas production in the UK continues, when production begins in earnest it needs to be done as safely and efficiently as possible and the only way to address those requirements is by increasing the amount of information available to well engineers throughout the whole life of wells.

“DAS is the tool that gives engineers and producers the extra information they need and we want to ensure that it is recognised by the industry at large, by operators and by regulators as being central to the future of shale gas extraction in the UK and around the world.”

Helios DAS from Fotech converts an optical fibre, up to 40km long, into the equivalent of tens of thousands of individual vibration sensors. Real-time detection of the vibrations caused by acoustic disturbance at each point along the fibre enables engineers to ‘visualise’ and record what’s going on down hole with greater clarity than ever before. As such, Helios DAS provides data and interpretative tools that have not been possible until now to improve the efficiency and safety of oil and gas exploration, production and delivery.

Fotech’s spokespeople will be available at the show on stand 12 to demonstrate the capabilities of Helios™ DAS and to discuss the benefits of the fibre-enabled wells for shale gas operations.

Shale World UK 2015 is a UK-focused industry event for government officials, regulators, industry leaders and insiders, and technology experts to get together and exchange insights on oil and gas production from unconventional wells.